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      3. About Us

        Since its establishment in 2004, MuDanJiang Plasma Physical Application Technology Co., Ltd. has contributed to the sterilization revolution through products carrying out innovation green technologies, convenience and customer values.  

        MuDanJiang Plasma Physical Application Technology Co., Ltd., located at MuDanJiang HeiLongJiang province, China with more than 66,000 manufacture areas has devoted himself to developing Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer since 2004.  We have full lined facilities and technical know-how for Plasma Sterilizer and our ergonomic designs and advanced technologies will be superior improvements for CASP products.

        Using by continuous development, CASP has earned a strong reputation for Plasma Sterilizer and became a global company, exporting products to over 50 countries since the first export to Korea in 2008.

        By implementing the reasonasble After-Sales service system with real name basis, we have tried our best to provide the well-structured, perfect After-Sales service for the satisfaction & pleasure of our customers.

        We proudly say that CASP will be by your side until all the diseases affecting the mankind are conquered.